It’s my Friday today, after I get through work tonight I am off for 2 days (finally). It’s been raining for practically 2 days now here. I love it and I really hope it continues for several more days, it probably won’t though. In Southern Arizona it doesn’t usually rain a lot. The only annoying thing about it raining like this is people freak out and drive very stupidly. But I just I am lucky I don’t have to drive much.
My cats have been super hyper from the rain also. Not like they want to go outside (they’re indoor only kitties) but like they know something weird is happening. I actually got my kitten Rory to play fetch! And I realm wish I could upload the video here bur pictures only I guess.
It makes me really happy to think life is finally falling into place for me. At least I think it is. I maybe heading the totally wrong direction but I am truly happy. And all because I am finally in a relationship that makes me happy and feel fulfilled. Even my cats are happier and full of life. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to move North soon.

-The Rogue


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