I am a follower of a certain Facebook page that was created to help save/rescue/home animals. It varies from people posting about the animal shelter in my city to people who found animals wandering around and people whose pets just had babies that need homes. I like the idea of this page. I’ve been surfing it regularly to see if anyone has kittens (my boyfriend and I are looking for number 3). The main thing I don’t like is how people will ask for re-homing fees. But this is now something I don’t mind, since I have recently seen a posting by someone who is insisting people require re-homing fees or at very least “home checks”.

I can understand wanting your animals to go to a good home, but seriously? You want to come over to my home and judge whether I will abuse or love the kitten I am trying to adopt? Hell half the time it’s I can afford to have these kittens/puppies/whatever kind of animal, but I want to make sure you’re going to be able to either afford them or that you’ll just take care of them.

I can also understand the flip side of the thought of this. There are a lot of cases where people abuse pets, abandon them, or use them as “entertainment” (fighting dogs…). If I had to give away my kitties, Oswin and Rory, I would have to be sure they were going to someone who would love them and keep them safe. But I guess I maybe too trusting of people.


My dad used to sell puppies from our ranch when I grew up and I guess he instilled this thought in me. “If you’re paying for it (or rather committing to getting a pet) then it shouldn’t be any of my business what you do with it.” I feel like that’s the main point. Instead of making someone “buy” your pet (in order to save it) or only “selling” it to someone after you’ve ensured they are responsible enough to have a pet why not just sit down with them and ask a few questions and get to know them. Like do you have a source of income? What makes you want to have this pet? How are you with children? (The children question doesn’t really do great…I mean I am awful with kids [at least I think I am] but my little furry kiddies are spoiled rotten. Will this animal be indoor or outdoor? Getting a pet that you would hopefully want to live several years should be as committed as having kids. Or maybe getting a face tattoo. It’s not very easy to go back from that…

face tattoo


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