Toilet Humor

I am the kind of person that if I have to go then I am not scared to use the public restroom (and yes I have met quite a few people [mostly women, no offense] that are…cautious to use public restrooms). I am not going to sit and hold it just to wait for the family restroom or even hold it for 4 hours while I am at work just so I can use my own toilet at home. I don’t understand these fears, but still I understand. Germs or just withholding…movements.
But that’s not what I was going to talk about in this post. I am more interested in what we do while we’re on the “potty”. I am led to believe that, like myself, most people play on their phones or tablets or whatever. There are even apps called Toilet Time (don’t waste your time, it’s kind of lame). Personally I do a lot of Facebooking.
But do we only absorb ourselves into our phones so we forget where and what we’re doing? That’s certainly my excuse at work! Numerous times I’ve been in the public restroom at work and heard horrible things in the next stall over. Not just the natural things you would expect to overhear (which can still be terrifying) but things like what people will say (whether to themselves or others). Terrifying.
But anyways if you would like to share your bathroom…rituals then please do in the comments!

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