Some Seriousness

Okay maybe not really that serious. I was driving to work this morning and a Macklemore song came on. I don’t remember exactly which song it was but it was about religion. Something along the lines of how a book written so long ago has been misinterpreted by so many people. I am not writing this to insult anyone’s religious beliefs or to say one is better than another. But personally I am not religious at all. Maybe the Christians are right, maybe someone else is. My belief is very simple; live your life as you see fit. If that means you’re a super dick to everyone so be it. If you’re a person like me that beliefs this then you probably also belief in something like karma. Help and treat people how you would like to treated. Super simple.
But aside from that there’s always the question of what is after this life. Honestly, and maybe it’s because I am young, but why worry about that? If there’s something after this then live life so you’re happy with how you are. Maybe more later. Here’s some music for you.

-The Rogue


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