A Little Bit Nerdy: Deathstroke and Deadpool

A lot of people have asked me (since I am a bit of a nerd…) who are Deathstroke and Deadpool? Well The biggest difference are mainly the difference of Deathstroke being from the DC universe and Deadpool being from the Marvel universe. (For the non-comic book nerds reading DC Comics were created in 1934 with characters like Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Flash and Superman. Marvel Comics were created in 1939 with such characters as Spider-Man, Wolverine, Iron Man, The Hulk, Thor and Captain America.)

Deathstroke’s “real” name is Slade Wilson and Deadpool’s “real” name is Wade Wilson. Ironic. In my research I have not found any proof that they are some how supposed to be related but seeing that they are both from different origin comic company’s it is very unlikely that they are meant to be father and son or any other type of relation. Just simple irony really.

Deathstroke and Deadpool are both mercenaries and considered antiheroes (Antihero: a character in comics considered to be a good guy but one who is lacking morals. So a person fighting for good, but not afraid to do “dirty” work in order to accomplish the “good”) as well as villains. Both Deathstroke and Deadpool have regenerative healing powers making them both extremely difficult to kill. But the main difference being is that Deathstroke was given a super soldier injection WILLINGLY while he was in the US Army and Deadpool was simply experimented on to become Weapon X.

Weapon X was an experiment done by the government, primarily in the X-men genre, where mutants were forced into experiments to enhance their already superhuman powers. The powers were then…I am going to use the word streamed or installed…into another person. In Deadpool’s case a government assassin or mercenary.

Another key difference is that for Deathstroke to regenerate and heal himself his brain must be intact. Deadpool not so much. Sometimes the head will have to be put back on his body to be healed, but there has been instances where Deadpool has regrown his entire head. But with that little perk comes the fact that Deadpool is more prone to be psychotic. Deathstroke holds grudges but Deadpool is most likely insane. Deathstroke is definitely a more serious character than Deadpool. Deadpool will make a ton of jokes where as Deathstroke is all business.

Well anyway that’s my little list for now. If you’d like to read more on these two awesome anti-heroes here’s where I got my info!





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