Chocolate Milk

For a comfort drink there probably isn’t anything better than chocolate milk or hot chocolate. I love chocolate milk. I am sitting here in my new little office (I just moved my desktop into the part of my apartment I didn’t use before, ironically it used to be an office…) trying to think of something serious to write about. I don’t enjoy writing about bad things like what just happened in Paris, so I won’t be writing about that (probably unlike everyone else on the internet…). It’s over cast today in Arizona and we’re expecting rain. I love days like this, but I particularly love days where it just slowly rains or mists all day. I rally need to move to Oregon or Washington.

Something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately is the whole family history thing. Honestly I wouldn’t even care if I came across something amazing, like being the descendant of a royal line. I mean yeah it would be cool, but obviously they found someone else to feel the job. Also from as far as I can tell most of my ancestors were farmers or blacksmiths. The thing that has me most enthralled about doing this research is learning were my family came from. Yes I’ve known for a long time most of us are from Denmark or Sweden, but what about before that? Ireland? Germany? Russia? Where did it all start?


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