I Swear My Eyes Are Bleeding…

So today since it was my day off from work, I decided to work on my family history. A lot of it is done already but I wanted to have it all contently place on Ancestry.com so I don’t have to go looking for it all the time. Well After about oh…6 hours of on and offly looking it all up I am maybe at least a third of the way done. On my dad’s side…

Everything that I have access to is spread across a bunch of different websites and other methods. Most of my dad’s side is on FamilySearch.com, a family history site done by the Mormon church (yeah my dad’s side is very Mormon…) which luckily for me most of it is already done. Today I went back 12 generations to the 1600’s and late 1500’s. And on my dad’s side I am very Danish. Like everyone is from a place called Viborg, Denmark. It looks like it’s in the Northern part of Denmark. Here’s a map…It’s the reddish orange one on the left.

Viborg, Denmark

But anyway. My brain feels like it’s melting over my keyboard. So much information that I had to sift through. I hope whoever did the family history before me entered it correctly.

Oh, I learned something slightly interesting and somewhat helpful when doing genealogy. If you’re ancestors came from Denmark or Sweden or Northern countries like these then you can bet that the last name is going to change a lot. Like tons. Because if you were born a boy and your dad’s name was Jen your last name was Jensen. If you were a girl it was Jensdatter. So if we were back in though times and those countries I’d be Courtney Garysdatter. Food for thought.


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