This is like the first Sunday I’ve had off in a long time. Where I am full time I have to be available all the time, so usually I am working on the weekends. So this is a nice break for me. I haven’t really posted in a while so this is more of an update I guess…

First order of business I have a new to me computer. My grandparents gave it to me and it’s an old desktop. Not too shabby though. Yes it’s older and still runs Windows XP, but my boyfriend and I have gotten it up to running speed from it’s former crawl. It’s the first desktop I’ve actually owned on my own. I grew up with a couple of Windows 98s (they got switched out when they would become so buggy you couldn’t do anything on them) but there was no internet available to me at my dad’s house, so a lot of solitaire and free cell. I would be a lot more excited about the desktop if it were running at least Windows 7, but I’ll take what I can get and also my boyfriend and a computer geek friend of mine says that I can upgrade the operating system to Windows 7. But I will admit it’s still really nice to have another computer. My laptop was getting pretty old. And desktops can last forever!

Second, I am starting to somewhat look around for another job. I still have my crappy current job, but I am just not happy there anymore. Honestly if I could move to the department my old supervisor is now over I wouldn’t mind working there. Even if the position I want is a lot more difficult that what I am in now, it would be worth it to have my old supervisor back. I don’t know when that will happen because I am waiting for a full time position to come open, but if I am still at this job in July then I’ll just go to part time, which will be a much easier way to move to the department I wan, and go back to college.

I just really wish I could move. You know find a job in another city, but preferably in another state. I’ve lived in Arizona my entire life and I really hate Arizona. Yes, I complain about the weather when it’s cold, but once I move and get used to a colder climate, which would like a month, I’d be fine. I would really love to move to Colorado or Oregon. I say Colorado just because my sister lives there so it would be easier to move there, plus it’d be nice to have someone I already know really well other than my boyfriend.

Well that’s about it right now. New computer, wishing for a new or better job and wishing I could just move. Oh I also started working on family history a bit since I got the new computer (it had a ton of stuff for family history on it from my grand parents). I’ve always enjoyed doing family history. I just wish there was like an app or a website where you could either put in you’re family history or just the dates and locations and it would map out where your family started from and where they ended up at. Like I know my dad’s side started in Sweden and Denmark and they ended up in America and of all places Arizona, but it would be cool to see where they started and how far they moved. Just a thought.

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