Archer Season 6 Coming Soon!

I am super excited for the 6th season of Archer, which is coming out on FX on the 8th, so…4 days! Sadly I won’t get to see it until the next day when it’s hopefully available online. But still super excited. And if you’re new to my blog Archer is one of my favorite adult cartoons. Super funny, new and original and just down right amazing. It’s about a spy agency which hasn’t really been a genre for adult cartoons. Sitcoms yes, but something totally new and amazing for adult cartoons. I find it a lot better and way more funny that things like Family Guy (which yes I do watch Family Guy). It’s just Archer is a smart humor. Which yes sometimes you do have to Google some stuff, but most of the time it explains itself. Here’s a taste of Archer, these are all original and are not in the series at all!

To anyone you hasn’t watched Archer, please I beg you lock yourself in your bedroom or living room or apartment and have an Archer Marathon! It’s amazing and you will love it so much!key_art_archerarcherviceARCHER-Season-2-promo-artarcher_2011_a_larcher3

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