So it maybe Christmas but my celebrating is finally over. All family that lives close by was visited and all gifts collected/presented. But I am not really a Christmas person. So I am not really sure what I am going to write about in particular. But here we go.

Something that I’ve been wanting to write about but didn’t have time to was something that happened yesterday. It really made me sad, so just a warning if you’re a person like me that loves animals and doesn’t like to see harm done skip this paragraph. I was driving home for lunch yesterday and as I was nearing the turn off for my drive way a cat ran across the road a little ways in front of me. I wasn’t in danger of hitting him but I watched him run across the road. Unfortunately he didn’t make it across. He made it safely across the first to lanes of traffic, which were my lane and the other one heading in the same direction as I, but once he got to the next lane heading in the opposite direction he made contact with a truck. After that I was very sad and really depressed. I hate seeing strays suffer so.

Once I got home though my amazing boyfriend comforted me and I held my two favorite kitties. It’s good to come home to someone who is just great and willing to hug you.


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