Am I Asleep?

I know this all sounds like a scene from Fight Club (yes it’s my favorite movie and it’s also an amazing book [please read it!]) but I will have these…terrors? No that’s not the right word for it…more like conscious worries or fears that when I am awake that I am actually still asleep in bed dreaming about what I am actually doing. Like say I woke up in the morning and after being awake for a while I go use the restroom. When I sit down to pee I worry I am still asleep in bed.
I don’t know why I worry about that. But what if I am asleep? What if my life this entire time has been me dreaming? All the good and the bad and even the weird.
I realize that my been worried I am still asleep when I am using the restroom is most likely rooted from a childhood fear of wetting the bed. But why is it manifesting itself now?


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