Please Act Your Age

In a work place where you have to be over 18 to be employed you would think that the employees (including management!) would act in a professional and adult manner. NOPE! Apparently people prefer to act their shoe size rather than their age. And not even like childish pouting or anything like that sort, but full blown high school like gossip and bullying.
When I first started working at my current place of employment (which do to…well shit hitting the fan I can’t say where it is that I work…) the manager wasn’t the best and he allowed high school treatment (cliques, bullying and treatment of the like) to occur. Due to that he was fired.
My new manager seems to not have learned from my previous manager’s mistakes. Granted he didn’t work here while the other manager was here. But never the less employees who aren’t in these cliques and aren’t protected by them and allowed to not have to do their jobs are suffering. We lose more good employees than bad ones. My store is circling the drain and no one cares!

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