I am finally on my 2 days off in a row and I feel awful. I just want to watch tv and sleep. But I guess that’s not on my agenda today. I literally have nothing I have to do but I can’t just sleep. I keep either getting hot or cold and my head hurts so bad.

My boyfriend is on a music day so instead of having my Archer, Ugly Americans or Doctor Who marathon I wanted my laptop is playing YouTube videos. Yes some of the music I like. But I just want to scream I don’t give a flying shit about your fucking music! But I won’t.

So instead I’ll just do nothing today. Play my apps and write a bit. Too bad my brain has been stuck in idle for about a week or more.

I worry sometimes I am just going to explode at my boyfriend. Don’t get me wrong, I love him and he does so much for me. But the constant music and just little things like that irritate me to no end. I understand he gets tired of the same old tv shows I have downloaded but I don’t care if I’ve seen something a hundred times, I’ll probably still watch it.

I am just so tired.


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