Like any normal human being that isn’t trying to fit into some idiotic social standard of being heroin sheek (it means being unnaturally thin to the point of counting rips…) I love food. But most of all I love cooking. And yes I am not an amazing cook but I make thing that are simply and I add a little bit of POP!

My boyfriend loves to cook also. And he’s actually very good at it. Ladies if you’re looking for a keeper 2 that should be mandatory: sense of humor and he can cook. That will make your life so amazing!

It’s nice though because now the thought of going into business for ourselves and having a restaurant sounds like so much fun! Oh and a few little fun cooking tips spice wise! A dash of Cinnamon will naturally sweeten food and Ginger is a natural MSG (it cleanses your palette [burns off tastes buds] and enhances the taste of your food!


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