Weight Off The Shoulders

Today my boyfriend texted me and told me his ex-girlfriend’s parents were coming by to get her car. When him and his ex broke up she pretty much fled to Colorado and left everything, including her car, here with him. For months he’s been trying to figure out how to get it to her. I’ve been worried we would have to try and drive it up there ourselves, which would have been insanely expensive since the car had a bad O2 sensor and couldn’t get above 60 miles per hour and got lousy gas mileage.

But now they’re taking it we don’t have to worry about it. Now there’s no reason for him to have to stay in contact with her. Win. Sorry I’ve hated the fact that he would still talk to her. Maybe if things had ended better I wouldn’t care, but they didn’t. It ended with her pretty much beating him up because she knew he wouldn’t hit her back. Bitch.


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