My Monday

When you work at a place where your days off aren’t necessarily on the weekends your days get a little distorted. Today is Thursday but for me it’s Monday. I hate Mondays and Thursdays, the real ones. I have to go to work usually at early ass in the morning o’clock.

Today I am finding it very difficult to care about my job. I didn’t do anything more than going to the store on my days off and I really want to do that again. I don’t want to deal with people or stupid supervisors. Going back to bed sounds nice.

Two of my most hated parts about coming to work,
1. My bosses act like I am a retard. This morning my boss was having me look up an item online and I read off the results to him. He said, “No that’s a wedge,” and proceeded to explain to me what a wedge was. I know what a fucking wedge is!
2. They feel they have to play country music. All the freaking time! It’s depressing and puts everyone in a bad mood. Change it for the love of god and all that is holy!

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