Tv vs. Reality

I’ve been watching a lot of TV lately and I’ve been noticing a lot of correlations in relationships. I’ve only had 2 really serious relationships, my current boyfriend and my ex. I haven’t talked about my ex much. Let’s just say the entire experience was awful and he was an immature, inconsiderate asshole. But look at the relationships of TV.


– The Simpsons
Homer and Marge obviously love each other, but Marge is stuck taking care of Homer in exchange for being married, having children and losing practically all her dreams and efforts to become someone amazing. Very much like my relationship with my ex.


– Family Guy
Peter and Lois don’t exactly have the best relationship. Yes they have their moments, but as a whole the family is unstable and psychotic. Yes it makes for a funny TV show but as real life it’s quite scary. Honestly this relationship is the one that reminds me most of my ex.


– Futurama
Fry and Leela have a functional-ish relationship. Yes later on in the series they manage to make things work. But their relationship is one that isn’t very destructive, no children and nothing really of value that they have to share like an apartment. They slightly remind me of both relationships. Mostly my current relationship but some points from my ex.


– Archer / Archer Vice
Archer and Lana are an interesting duo. It’s love hate but they do really have feelings for each other. Mostly sexual but I really think it is love. They remind me a lot of my boyfriend and I now. Odd but with true feeling / passion.


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