Halloween: To Trick Or Treat?

So as anyone with children or a cell phone knows today is Halloween. I love Halloween. It’s one of my favorite holidays. As a kid you can go trick or treating, teens have dances or parties and adults have parties with interestingly name alcoholic drinks.

But I pose a question for all of you: what is the appropriate age to have your child stop trick or treating?

When I was a kid I lived in a very small town that was very wide spread. Trick or treating meant the few houses by the elementary and high school and then some houses on the main street. And if you were a teenager or even an adult parties were difficult to find if you didn’t want to drive an hour or spend the night. My father had my brother and I stop trick or treat pretty early, like I was 8. Halloween was not a holiday in his eyes. Tons of people use this holiday to dress up and have fun, my father didn’t like that. He called people freaks and weirdos if they were still dressing up as a teenager or an adult who wasn’t escorting their children trick or treating. (Ironic because he would definitely call me a weirdo now…)

But back to the point! If you’re going to force your children not to join in the festivities of Halloween when would you make them stop?


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