Sexist or Common Sense

Just a heads up this post is going to be a little controversial. I don’t mean any of this to be taken serious as I am sexist or that I hate any gender. I am only making a point and so far everyone I’ve talked to thought it was funny. So if you don’t like it don’t comment calling me sexist or hating on me. It’s supposed to be funny.

I build a lot of displays in my work, I’ve talked about it before. Most of them have been pretty weird. The instructions are all mixes up. Like the one I am working on now has me painting something and then drilling holes through it. Why not paint it after you drill and sand the holes?

During the entire process of building this thing I keep think why are they doing it this way? And while looking through the instructions I notice a woman designed it. This is a little depressing to me. Mainly because much of it doesn’t make sense. Was this woman ever intending on building from her design? Probably not.

So there’s my quick sexist thought of the day. (Even though it’s about my own sex.) Probably more later.

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