A Little Inspiration

If there is one person I would love to meet in my lifetime would be Chuck Palahniuk. Chuck Palahniuk is the author of several books, my favorites are Fight Club and Choke. His style of writing is so spectacular! Shocking but so deep into the psychological and realistic side of it all.

I did a report on Fight Club in high school and researched it quite a bit. Of course like most people I had seen the movie and loved it. I found the book read it and immediately loved it even more than the movie. Chuck Palahniuk did so much research for the book and was said to be very upset that the producers of the movie changed things like the explosives recipes!

Choke is fairly similar in the fact that Palahniuk covers the psychological aspect of the story. I read this book before discovering the movie. I urge anybody who can handle a slightly graphic story to read the book! Absolutely amazing! The movie is great also!

Honestly I would love to be Chuck Palahniuk’s assistant. Most amazing job ever! I wouldn’t even care if I was running around get him food or his dry cleaning. As long as I would be able to talk to him and pick his brain! Amazing!


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