Point of View

So a very big reason I started blogging is because my job doesn’t like it’s employees using Facebook. And lately I haven’t been happy with my job and a very big part of my venting is writing. My boss told me he couldn’t have me “blasting” our company on Facebook, even if I didn’t directly say the name of the company. Even picture were “offensive”, even ones I shared from other people or pages. After our little talk I deleted my facebook and moved to WordPress, though it is depressing that I don’t have anyone following me at the moment. I can’t tell any of my friends from Facebook that I moved to this site because I don’t know who I can trust. I had a ton of work friends on Facebook and not knowing which ones can’t keep their dick holsters shut (Archer reference! [Yeah I am a huge nerd…]) is a problem. But if I can be diligent in writing here at WordPress then hopefully with time and wit I will not be so lonely here.
I deeply appreciate comments or likes or shares! Don’t be shy and if there’s ever anything you want to ask or see a post about just let it be known. I really want this blog to be an open forum about anything honestly. If I don’t know about something I will research it! I will be trying to post good sized articles, but if I do post something rather short it’s most likely unfinished. Cheers!

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