Ethics of Retail

Is there really such a thing as being ethical while you’re in retail? Probably not. The only real rule is be nice to the customers. It’s not even that the customer is right or if you perform good customer service anymore. It’s only if you can manage to keep the customer from complaining.

But I suppose be a woman also helps, especially when you’re dealing in things that usually have a higher male customer ratio; like tools, car parts, anything outdoor and sometimes the occasional men shopping for clothing. Is it such a big deal if you use your assets (looks…) to make that little extra sale. I flirt with some of my customers. It’s not even I am interested in them or think they’re cute. It’s down to are you going to buy this piece of crap for $20 or are you going to buy this nicer better looking one for $50? (Insert carefully placed cleavage.)

And woman are supposed to be impulse buyers…

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