A Little Bit Buzzed

I’ve been off of work for just over an hour now. I’ve been drink Caliber Vodka with Dr. Pepper, heavy on the Vodka. So if this post is a little odd I apologize.

I am a little upset because after being at work for 8 hours that was coupled with irritations of people messing up projects and me having to fix them, I come home to a passed out boyfriend, with dirty dishes sitting in the sink, kitty litter not cleaned, trash bot taken out and dinner not even started. The entire reason I am upset is because my boyfriend doesn’t have a job at the moment but he has always been great at cooking and cleaning (and also quite amazing in the sex department), but of late a lot of those things have been lacking. He’s been drinking a lot and sleeping or playing World of Warcraft a lot.

The online play doesn’t upset me because I too play an online game, DC Universe Online (great game for any nerds out there looking for a free super hero or villain MMO game). It’s the fact that I asked him to at least do the dishes and that I expected dinner to be ready. Our relationship isn’t a difficult one. I work full time and untill he finds at least a part time job things are expected of him.

I am a little bit too buzzed to go off on another point at the moment. But I do have to say auto correct sometimes you can be a heartless bitch, but when I am drunk god you save my life. Possible more later. Good night and good hunting.

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