After having a rough day and a fight with my boyfriend that was on and off for like 6 hours, what is love? Is it just a basic need for humans to find another person to live with? Or is it just a primitive instinct to reproduce?

Well a lot of people believe there are 3 aspects to loving someone.
#1. Attachment
The need for us to have someone caring about us, giving us approval and physical contact.
#2. Caring
Taking into account what your partner wants and needs. For some reason actually caring for a partner when sick is uncommon. I find that odd, but okay!
#3. Intimacy
Desires and passions. I don’t think this one should be too hard to understand. If you’re not willing to let your hair down and give and receive some “release” your relationship isn’t going to work. Don’t be selfish! (Little hint for those people who can’t figure out why they aren’t in a relationship…)

I like to believe that we’re all still a little bit primal. When our ancestors were looking for mates they chose those with the best attributes. Males would look for large hips and breasts for childbearing. And females would look for a male who was big and strong who could provide protection, shelter and food. Is it so hard to believe that we still look for the best mate? I don’t want to reproduce but someone good looking and able to provide is always nice.


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